Thinking about John Boehner’s decision to resign from office, Republican Peter King has stated that it signals the victory of the “crazies” in the party.

“I think it signals the crazies have taken over the party, taken over to the party you can remove a speaker of the House who’s second in line to be president, a constitutional officer in the middle of his term with no allegations of impropriety, a person who’s honest and doing his job. This has never happened before in our country,” King said to CNN Friday afternoon. “He could have stayed on.”

King was disappointed at the news of Boehner’s resignation and thought that he had done “an outstanding job.”

“There was actually, I thought, like a hush in the room for a few seconds where no one – people like looked at each other – they couldn’t believe it. And then he read the prayer of St. Francis, which was very moving,” said King.

“I’m not a psychologist but I think John probably pretty much decided that the more he did, the more friction would be caused, and that he probably thought it was best for him to leave soon anyways, which I think is wrong,” King said. “But having the pope here yesterday just sort of put John in the frame of mind [that] it’s time to leave.”

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