Sophie Cruz is five-years-old. She wanted the chance to tell Pope Francis about the millions of children whose parents would be deported if Republicans win the battle over immigration policy and reform. Pope Francis acknowledged the symbolic act of the girl crossing the security railings that held back the crowd, and called for her to be brought to him. Pope Francis accepted the letter from the girl and gave her a hug and a kiss.

When interviewed by the Guardian, Sophie recounted the contents of her letter.

“I want to tell you that my heart is sad,” said Cruz. “I would like to ask you to speak with the president and the Congress in legalizing my parents because every day I am scared that one day they will take the away from me.”

“I believe I have the right to live with my parents, I have the right to be happy,” Cruz continued. “All immigrants just like my dad help feed this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect. They deserve an immigration reform.”

Conservatives online were outraged by this humble plea. Addicting Info gathered screenshots of some of the attacks.

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