A woman who was ticketed in 2012 for being HIV positive won a settlement of $40,000 after a court found she was wrongfully given a citation.

Three years ago, Shalandra Jones and her fiance were pulled over by officer David Leacy of the Dearborn Police Department. Everyone knows that the only way to contract HIV is through sexual or blood contact. However, Lacey freaked out when he searched through her purse, found medication, and Jones told him it was HIV medication.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that?…I’m digging through your purse, with all your piercings and stuff like that in there…if I got stuck with one of your earrings or something like that,” said Lacey during the stop. “That might be something you want to tell a cop if they stop your car. I’m going through her purse and she’s got earrings and shit I’m touching and I don’t want to get anything.”

Despite Jones’ HIV having been undetectable for over a decade, Lacey issued her a ticket because his discovery of her HIV “aggravated” him. That minor aggravation cost the Dearborn Police Department $40,000.

Watch Lacey’s dashcam footage below.

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