Bernie Sanders is well on his way to setting a new record for fundraising by breaking through the threshold of 1 million campaign contributors. In an email his campaign sent out yesterday, Sanders asked for contributors to help make history.

“We have a chance to make history,” the email reads. “We will have to publicly report not just how much money our campaign has raised, but how many people have made a contribution to own a part of it.”

“Having more than 1 million contributions would be absolutely, totally historic this early in an election,” said Sanders. “In the 2008 race, with all of his grassroots momentum and enthusiasm in his incredible campaign, President Obama did not reach more than 1 million contributions until after he won the Iowa caucuses.”

“We’ll see just how many Wall Street execs contributed how many millions of dollars to prop up  the corrupt system that helps them get rich,” said Sanders. “What they’re not counting on is our political revolution. Let’s show that the number of people and the number of contributions made is just as important as the money raised from the billionaire class.”

For more on this, read the article from Alternet titled: “Sanders Within Striking Distance of Record 1 Million Grassroots Campaign Contributors.”