Jesse Ventura wants Mike Huckabee to understand that advocating for Christian doctrine to be made into American law is no different that Muslims advocating that Islamic doctrine be made into law.

“I think that he wants us to become the Middle East,” said Ventura. “Mike Huckabee’s a Christian who’s dying to be a Muslim, I guess. That’s what they do over there – they put God’s law in front of government’s law.”

Huckabee believes that the Supreme Court is wrong to have denied Kim Davis’s argument against authorizing gay marriage. Davis’s attempts to cheat the Court’s order by removing her name from marriage licenses, a move that may make them invalid, has brought both her and Huckabee the ire of many Americans, including Ventura.

“Mike, read Ben Franklin. Read Thom Jefferson. Read what those people had to say about your organized religion. They were fearful of it,” said Ventura. “That’s why they made it where no religion prevails in this country and there’s a separation called church and state. [Davis] works for the state. If she can’t do her job – in the words of Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5 – fire her ass.”