The GOP, grown tired of keeping Congress from functioning, seeks to break the judiciary system as well. In near silence, the conservatives of Congress are allowing the federal court system to fall into complete disarray.

As the Washington Post describes:

Motivated by a desire both to make President Obama look bad and to delay any judicial appointments until there’s (possibly) a Republican in the White House, GOP senators have thrown obstruction after obstruction in front of the judicial appointment process. As a result, Republican-controlled Senate has confirmed only six federal judges in 2015.

If that sounds low, it is.

The lack of engagement from Congress on judicial appointments has produced an explosion of untenable case loads. The Alliance for Justice has reported that it is the slowest rate for judicial confirmation in over sixty years.

Yet, Republicans want to blame President Obama for the debacle.

Republicans in the Senate are breaking with the customary practice of making recommendations to the White House for judicial appointments. Instead, they blame Obama for failing to nominate judges despite their inaction.

It would seem that Republicans will do anything and everything possible to try and undermine President Obama, even if that means denying justice to Americans.

For more on this, read the article from the Washington Post titled: “Republicans are clogging the judicial pipeline.”