This week the Duggars are making headlines again for sucking up about 168 donuts from a Krispy Kreme giveaway. This action from the Duggar family has been widely criticized on social media as a greedy grab.

Krispy Kreme celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate Day” by giving anyone who said something pirate-y (i.e. “Arrrr matey!”) a free donut. If someone went as far as to dress up as a pirate, they would be rewarded with a dozen free donuts. The Duggars took their crew of 14, all dressed as pirates, and scored their hot, fresh loot.

Facebook users were not thrilled about the Duggars apparently greedy values.

“Just because you ‘can’ get something for free, doesn’t mean you should!” wrote one user. “Too bad that wasn’t in the homeschool wisdom booklets. Do you realize that you not only cannot possibly eat that many donuts, but it is greedy to take more than you need?! And perhaps you are taking food out of mouths that truly could use it? I’m beyond disgusted by your selfish, pirating, plundering, pandering ways.”

Watch the Duggars video from Facebook below.

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For more on this, read the article from RawStory titled: “Duggars hammered for ‘plundering’ free Krispy Kreme donut give-away.”