President Obama finally came out and said what most of us have already been thinking about the Republicans’ war on immigrants.

At a town hall in Iowa last week, Obama took a sharp jab at Republicans saying that their anti-immigrant rhetoric was contrary to who we are as a Country, and that unless you are a Native American, than your ancestors came from somewhere else.

This is just the latest in a long line of attacks coming from President Obama.  In the last few weeks he’s gone after the Republicans for their backwards policies on both climate change and the economy.  And this is what Obama does best, and I’m sure that almost everyone watching this program is excited to see the return of the Obama that isn’t afraid to confront his opposition.

But Obama isn’t the only one going after the Republicans’ attacks on immigrants:  Even some conservative groups say that the GOP is taking things a bit too far on the issue.

Recently, the Koch Brother funded group called The LIBRE Initiative issued an open letter to all Americans asking them to reject the extreme anti-immigrant language being adopted by Republican politicians.  And just last week, business leaders led by the US Chamber of Commerce said that they were wary of a possible Donald Trump presidency, due in part to his hard-line stance against immigrants.

Of course, both the Koch-funded group and the business groups aren’t concerned about the fact that candidates like Trump aren’t treating immigrants like human beings – they’re concerned about the effect on their profit margins if their favorite source of labor is shipped out of the country.

The bottom line is that the harsh language being used by candidates is not sitting well with anyone except the extreme fringe of the Republican base, and that’s not going to translate into votes next November.

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