Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich, came to America from Germany in the 1880s and made the Trump family fortune by pushing booze and prostitutes in a hotel and brothel on land he didn’t own.

After arriving in America, the elder Trump set out for the west and arrived in Seattle where he leased a restaurant called “The Poodle Dog” that sold “private rooms for ladies,” which meant there were prostitutes. When Trump heard that John D. Rockefeller was financing a mining operation in Monte Cristo, he left Seattle, and set up his business in Monte Cristo.

Trump made a fortune selling alcohol and women to the miners in Monte Cristo, amassing $600,000 over the course of two decades. When Rockefeller left Monte Cristo, Trump packed up his business and followed shortly behind. After Monte Cristo, Trump traveled around Canada setting up roadside brothels until the Canadian Mounted Police took notice. He eventually had to move back to Germany for a time.

Trump married a woman 10 years his junior, and they had a child. In that time, Germans were required to serve in the military. But Trump left Germany when he was too young to serve, and came back too old to serve. Germany revoked his citizenship and Trump returned to America.

The similarities between the elder Trump and The Donald are too great to ignore. Both were dishonorable businessmen who got by because they were sleazy.

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