Rush Limbaugh thinks he knows why Carly Fiorina is the new media favorite: They’re trying to get rid of Donald Trump.

On Friday, Limbaugh said that Carly Fiorina is being “hyped” by mainstream media in an effort to undermine Donald Trump. Limbaugh thinks that Fiorina is evil, she has no spine and will do anything she can to win.

“Because they want to get rid of Trump,” said Limbaugh. “It’s not that they like her. This is the mistake people are making. It’s not that they like Fiorina. They never liked McCain. They just made him think they did and everybody else. They don’t like any Republican.”

So, if you’re Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump’s slide in the polls after the CNN  debate isn’t a result of Trump’s poor performance. It is a direct result of Donald Trump being the enemy of the mainstream media and a concerted effort from a unified media to support a Republican candidate in order to see the current Republican frontrunner undone. Because that is completely reasonable.

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