Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, the Koch brothers’ golden boy candidate, has taken an unrecoverable tailspin in the 2016 GOP race. Walker’s collapse is likely a stunner for the Koch brothers, who vowed to throw millions of dollars behind Walker.

In the latest CNN/ORC poll, Walker registers at less than one percent. He’s so low in the polls, that he’s been given an asterisk instead of a number. It’s safe to say that he’s toast. Walker now joins the bottom feeders like Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham, who all register an asterisk. Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Rick Santorum aren’t too far behind.

Scott Walker was the favorite for the GOP nomination earlier this year, and he had the monetary backing of the Koch brothers. That kind of support probably had Walker’s camp thinking the election was in the bag. They were wrong.

Walker’s downward spiral is indicative of one huge fact: Koch money isn’t enough to win an election. Republicans have outspent Democrats in the last two elections and lost each time.

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