A corporate-backed, non-profit “consumer group” has launched an ad campaign against fast food chain Chipotle over the chain’s new anti-GMO initiative.

The Center for Consumer Freedom launched a campaign last month saying that Chipotle’s “G-M-Over It” is misleading. The consumer group created parodies of Chipotle’s “food with integrity” advertisement by changing the slogan to “food with hypocrisy.” The group alleges that science negates Chipotle’s healthy claim.

“Chipotle has tried to create this health halo over the business and I don’t think their stuff is any worse or better than anybody else’s Mexican food,” said Center for Consumer Freedom creator Richard Berman.

Berman’s organization got started by working for Philip-Morris, receiving many donations to fight against anti-smoking regulations in establishments. Berman’s organization is now funded by many entities, including food companies. Berman has since attacked labor unions, the Humane Society, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Much like the political dark money network, Berman’s donations remain anonymous and raise questions about where exactly his loyalties lie.

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