Joe Biden’s aides have begun calling Democratic donors and supporters to suggests he is about to enter the 2016 race. They are talking about the timing of an announcement, reported the Wall Street Journal. Biden plans on making the announcement in time to be part of the October 13 Democratic debates, and to immediately begin the fundraising process.

Biden has been hesitant to join the race because of the emotional toll it takes, and he is still coping with the recent death of his son Beau. However, with Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers dropping like a sinking ship, he feels he has a significant opportunity to become President, and this was a dying a wish of Beau.

How Biden’s entry into the race will impact Bernie Sanders is unclear at this point. Bernie has been surging against Hillary over the past three months, and is significantly ahead of her in New Hampshire and Iowa, according to recent polling. However, his entry will certainly lead to much greater media focus on the Democratic race, and likely will force the DNC to hold more debates, all of which would be a very positive thing.

Certainly, the GOP does not wish to see Biden enter the race, as it will take attention away from their media circus.