If you’ve been waiting for the word to get the hell out of dodge, the time has come. End Times radio host Rick Wiles made it clear while interviewing John Price, an Indiana GOP politician. Since America made gay marriage legal, God will in turn destroy America.

“When we see Kim Davis is sitting six days in jail but we see murderers who get out in a half an hour on bail and we say, ‘That’s not right, it’s against our beliefs, it’s against God’s word,’ when we see all of those things and we want to really get upset and we want to either go to our gun closet or do something violent or go back in the streets, the problem with that is that all we are doing is feeding into the violence that Scripture says is going to happen in the end but it doesn’t solve the problem,” said Price. “God tells us how to solve the problem, he says flee. There’s a time to fight and there’s a time to flee.”

Listen to Price and Wiles discuss below via Right Wing Watch.