The Koch brothers have a heart, after all. The benevolent billionaire brothers have backed an organization that aims to teach people life skills like discipline, self-sufficiency, and saving. The aim of the program claims to be teaching people in difficult economic positions the skills they need to succeed. The problem is that the program is infused with the Koch’s political venom, like the need for limited government and why Obama is terrible.

That’s right, the organization called the Bridge to Wellbeing is part of the Americans for Prosperity Koch group and it makes every effort to spread the Koch’s beliefs.

As Salon describes:

[…] If you read the course descriptions carefully, you will see that they also cover such topics as “how government and policies impact our lives” and “the importance of a free society.” In the Couponing course, for example, the website says that you will learn not only how to “keep the pantry full” by clipping coupons, but learn also how “government policies are causing food and grocery prices to rise.” And a page called “policies impacting you” says that food is expensive because of environmental regulations espoused by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Reviewing the program, it appears that the Koch brothers believe that the path out of economic hardship is to hate liberal policies.

For more on this, read the article from Salon titled: “Who better than the Kochs to dish up some handy tips for lifting people out of poverty.”