Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced on Monday a plan designed to completely dismantle labor unions. Walker is an enemy of the American worker and corporate puppet.

A pro-corporate conservative, Walker’s assault against labor unions make workers vulnerable to mistreatment at the hands of corporate employers. Walker delivers his anti-union message under the guise of pro-worker rights. It’s the exact opposite, however. During his announcement, Walker said:

I believe that fairness and opportunity for workers results from freedom. Freedom that allows workers and employers to create flexibility, choice, and innovation in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of the nation’s federal labor laws and regulations have stood as a roadblock to fairness and opportunity, and instead have created rigid, top-down workplaces that don’t really work for Americans.

Walker was once a favorite to win the Republican nomination but has since fallen hard in the national polls. The likelihood of having a Walker-led crackdown of national labor unions has, thankfully, ceased to exist. His anti-union agenda seeks to undermine workers’ right while creating added protections for corporations to underpay and provide shoddy benefits to employees.

Unions like the National Labor Relations Board is paramount to the rights of workers by ensuring they receive a fair shake and have a voice against corporate employers.

Below is a video of Thom Hartmann interviewing James Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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