While families continue to struggle to get by with welfare support, Mitch McConnell has stated that he believes people on welfare are doing too well. In a recent interview, McConnell explained how he, and those he associates with, know that welfare is providing people with a status that is too affluent for them to want to work.

From the interview:

Asked about improving the economy, McConnell scoffed: Business leaders tell him they have “a hard time finding people to do the work because they’re doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest.” Rather than cut deals like centrist Democrats of the past, he said, Obama wants to “Europeanize America” with a diet of “massive debt, high taxes on the most successful people, over-regulation.”

McConnell’s frustration is misplaced though, and the data does not support him on this point. Welfare is rarely a long-term solution for Americans, and it usually helps a person through tough times while they get back on their feet. Similarly, Social Security, another program that Republicans love to target, makes growing older more comfortable for those who need it.

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