The Koch brothers have always tried to stay out of the public eye, for the most part. However, their image now is being destroyed, rightfully, in social media. In response, Koch Industries will begin airing hundreds of ads on corporate TV, and have even started sponsoring college football games. The company will fund scoreboards, show advertisements, and host giveaways.

The Koch money network is vast. They fund colleges in exchange for favorable studies skewed to make the company look good. The Kochs demanded Florida State University design the economics program curriculum and hire the professors they wanted. FSU did the Kochs’ bidding in exchange for hefty funding.

By sponsoring and advertising during college football games, the Kochs place themselves in front of the largest television audience every Saturday.  College football has an audience of tens of millions of people every weekend. The Kochs are doing this because they are finally feeling the backlash against them that is all over social media, and know they no longer can remain anonymous. The problem is they are trying to fight their negative image by responding on corporate media, rather than on social media.  As Ring of Fire has stated many times, social media is going to win the war, and the Kochs are on the losing side, as they should.

Here are the following games sponsored by Koch Industries, as of this time.

September 03, 2015

U of Minnesota vs. TCU

September 12, 2015

Southern Methodist U vs. North Texas

September 19, 2015

Oklahoma State U vs. UT San Antonio

U of Arkansas vs. Texas Tech

U of Oklahoma vs. Tulsa

Texas A&M vs. Nevada.

September 26, 2015

U of Nebraska vs. Southern Miss.

October 03, 2015

Iowa State vs. U of Kansas

October 10, 2015

U of Kansas vs. Baylor

October 31, 2015

U of Houston vs. Vanderbilt.

U of Wisconsin vs. Rutgers

November 05, 2015

Kansas State U vs. Baylor

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