Chief among the issues facing countries regarding Syrian refugees is how to distinguish a refugee from a migrant. Migrants are people moving in search of better economic conditions while refugees are fleeing a location because if they stay they will likely face persecution or death. It can be difficult to differentiate the two but don’t worry, Glenn Beck has a plan.

“I asked if my audience could raise $10 million before Christmas to bring the Christians in from Syria,” Beck said. “We will vet them ourselves. We have former CIA people that are going over and they’re vetting everybody right now. We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved. Okay/ Well, what are you going to do with them? How are you going to get them in here? State Department won’t let them in. Really? Because I know some bridges over a river in Texas that doesn’t seem to matter. It doesn’t seem to matter. And if they want to say, ‘Now you can’t bring those people in, now you can’t, that’s somehow illegal, we’ll put you in jail’ – I will so gladly grace a jail for the justice cause of saving people’s lives. I don’t need your permission at all to do the right thing! That’s who we need to be right now! Forget about Washington! You don’t need permission to do the right thing.”

Beck is determined to save Christian Syrian refugees. The rest of them? They don’t matter to Beck.

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