As Kim Davis continues her campaign of bigotry, her attorney is continuing his ridiculous practice of comparing her to historical figures in completely inappropriate ways. Now Matt Staver, her attorney, has compared her to Abraham Lincoln. Staver argues that because Lincoln opposed unjust laws, and in his view Davis is opposing an unjust law, they are equatable.

“Well, she is doing her job quite well,” said Staver on C-SPAN. “By the end of this year, she will have saved the taxpayers in Rowan County $1.5 million in her first year as the elected official since 2014, so that’s quite substantial, to be able to do that.”

“Secondly,” Staver continued, “if we told Abraham Lincoln, ‘Abraham Lincoln, you should just go along with the Dred Scott decision. After all, it is what the racist Chief Justice Taney wrote and it’s the law of the land.’ And yet, Lincoln advocated something different than that and unfortunately because of that Dred Scott decision we had to fight a Civil War. It was a terrible time in our history.”

Watch Staver offer his remarks below via Crooks & Liars.