On Wednesday, conservatives gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the Iran nuclear deal. The usual cast of insane right-wing wackos were in attendance, including two of their shining stars: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

The Council on American Islamic Relations went to the event to poll sentiments of those in attendance about Muslim Americans. One of the questions they asked was if they had any messages for Muslim Americans.

Read their appalling responses below:

“If you’re illegal, pack it up and go home. Islam and Christianity cannot go together. There’s absolutely no way we could live together. I don’t hate Muslim people,  they’re my customers. I work with them. But a lot of them raise money for Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood.”

“You guys had better open up your mouth fast because we are running out of time and we’re in grave danger. You wanted to get rid of the Jews, you want to get rid of Israel, you stepped into the wrong thing. Now, the Nazis in Europe will finish the job for you – not just for us. You guys have got to wake up. They’ll use you and then when they’re through getting rid of us, they’re after your ass.”

“Their god is not the true god. They need to understand that a man who was a pedophile, who was a thief and a murderer should not be worshiped.”

“Stand up for America or leave the country.”

“Stand with America or stand with Iran, or just, if you’re not standing with America, get out.”

“Just, uh, become one of us and make a great effort to become one of us and denounce terrorism and fall behind the program.”

“Embrace Americanism, become American, be American. You shouldn’t be Muslim-American, you should be American. And you should respect other people’s rights too.”

“Be at peace with us or we will do you in.”

“Go home. Go home.”

Watch the full video from the Council on American-Islamic Relations below. The question regrading sending a message to Muslim Americans begins at the 2:18 mark.

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