Tucker Carlson tried to make the case today that the mass incarceration of African Americans in the War on Drugs have benefited everyone. Carlson was trying to criticize Stephen Colbert for wearing a Black Lives Matter wristband while on air.

“Was his show the right outlet for this message?” said Carlson. “I assume he doesn’t fully understand what Black Lives Matter is – maybe he does.”

Carlson was interviewing Ashley Bell, a member of the 20/20 organization.

“You’ve got to have police officers at the table, you’ve got to have prosecutors, criminal justice experts,” said Bell. “Which is why the first thing 20/20 did is partner with the National Association of Black Police Officers so we can have a real discussion.”

“Well, I think there is a wide consensus that the Clinton administration went a little overboard with sentencing, for sure,” said Carlson. “On the other hand, the crime rate went way down, and everyone benefited from that, particularly in black neighborhoods which always have the highest crime rates. That was good for people who live in those neighborhoods and every neighborhood.”

“So you kind of have to balance those two imperatives,” Carlson said.

Watch Carlson’s racism in action in the segment below.