Donald Trump despises immigrants. He wants them deported.  He wants a huge wall built around the U.S. to keep them out. He calls them rapists and murderers. Not only is Trump a racist and a bigot, he is a hypocrite.

Trump’s first wife was Ivana Marie Trump. She also is the mother of three of Trump’s children. She was born in Gottwaldov (now known as Zlín) in Czechoslovakia. On April 7, 1977, she married Trump. They had three children: Donald John (born December 31, 1977), Ivanka Marie (born October 30, 1981), and Eric Fredrick (born January 6, 1984). Yet, Ivana did not become a U.S. citizen until 1988. Thus, all three of Trump’s children were born to a non-U.S. citizen immigrant.

Thus, what Trump really is saying about immigrants is: “I don’t like immigrants unless they are beautiful, blond, women, that I can have sex with, and then have an attractive daughter with who I can fantasize sleeping with. All other immigrants must stay out of the country because I don’t want to have sex with them.”

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