If you were at the “Stop the Iran Deal” rally this Wednesday, you were in Tea Party heaven. The event brought out the most insane, far-right wackos this country has to offer. Tea Partiers were eager to offer their Middle East strategy and explain how they think the Obama administration is aiding terrorists.

An interviewer on the ground at the event asked those in attendance about their positions, here are some of their responses:

  • “When someone says they’re going to kick your donkey, you might better believe that they’re going to kick your donkey.”
  • “Let all the good people leave, and then nuke them all. Make it a parking lot. We’ll have Super Bowl over there or something.”
  • “Personally, I think the answer is a military strike. If we’re not willing to do it, we should give Israel bunker busters and let them do the dirty work.”
  • “Obama is in bed with Islamic Nazis. it threatens our security. It’s treason. When Obama says its my deal or war – no, your deal is WW3. Are you this stupid or evil? We went from a white Nazi and Hitler to a black Nazi and Hitler.

Watch the madness that these buffoons really believe unfold.

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