On Tuesday, Derek Myers was fired from NBC affiliate WVLA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On Tuesday Myers asked U.S. Senator and gubernatorial candidate David Vitter about his past of purchasing services from prostitutes.

Earlier this week, Myers approached Vitter and questioned him about whether he intended to continue soliciting prostitutes now that he had declared his bid for governor, according to the Louisiana Advocate.

Myers was later fired and he believes it was because of his confrontation with Vitter.

According to Gawker:

Myers told Gawker that a coworker at WVLA informed him of a conversation that he or she overheard between the station’s news director and its vice president of news later that day, during which the threat of pulled campaign advertising was allegedly discussed. After it was stated that the station’s general manager should personally apologize to the Vitter campaign for Myers’ questions, “It was said that David Vitter pulled his advertising dollars,” Myers said. He declined to name the coworker who informed him about the alleged conversation.

Vitter’s campaign maintains that Myers’ claims are completely false and claims Myers pushed a campaign volunteer during their exchanged. Myers claims he has video that shows this is not the case but has been requested by his former employer not to release the footage.