John Boehner has aligned himself, and with him goes the Republican party at large, with the extreme right of their party on the Iran nuclear deal. Boehner says that Obama’s actions regarding the Iran nuclear deal show that Obama has lost his commitment to democracy.

Listen, this is a bad deal. Most Americans oppose it. Most members of Congress oppose it – including the top Democrats of the Foreign Affairs Committee in both the House and the Senate.

At this point, I think the president has lost this debate with the American people. He lost it the moment he agreed to a deal that allows Iran to stay on a path to develop nuclear weapons.

After Boehner and the Republicans lost their stand against the Iran nuclear deal, Boehner turned to attacking Obama. As reported by PoliticusUSA:

Boehner, speaking last night at the International Republican Institute’s Freedom Award Dinner, would have you believe that the Obama administration has shown a “lack of commitment to democracy” because it will not support America’s allies and the world’s freedom fighters,” which is code, of course, for war.

That’s what Boehner and the Republicans want. They don’t want a resolution to the issues in Iran. They want war with Iran. That’s the only result that is acceptable to them.