Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made strange comments about his daughter, Ivanka, 33, over the past several years, and he has no plans on changing just because he is running for President. During a recent Rolling Stone interview, Trump said of his daughter: “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father…”

Anyone with half a brain can see how Trump wanted to finish that statement. The fact that he has repeated this vision of his daughter so many times over so many years definitely suggests that he actually must think about it quite often.

A few years ago Trump and Ivanka appeared on an episode of The View and discussed what Trump would do if Ivanka ever decided to pose for Playboy.  “I don’t think Ivanka would do that [pose for nude photographs] inside the magazine,” Trump said. “Although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her.”

Back in 2003 while on the Howard Stern Show, Trump drooled over his own daughter’s body. “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body. She made a lot of money as a model—a tremendous amount.”

Below is the Trump interview on Howard Stern where he weirdly praises Ivanka’s body. The statement begins at 14:09.

Trump is a very sick individual who looks upon his daughter’s beauty as something he created through his self-perceived greatness, and if it weren’t forbidden by law, he would see her as property that he could do as he desired. The scariest thing in the world is this man is running for President of the United States, and is the leading candidate of the GOP base.

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