Ronald Reagan is one of the most esteemed Presidents in history, among Republicans. His son had strong words of criticism for the callous and crass politics of Donald Trump.

While talking on NewsMax radio, Michael Reagan said that his father would be appalled by Donald Trump and the tactics he employs.

“What he’s done is really appalling,” he said. “My father would be appalled. … On behalf of my father and the Reagan family to see someone like this who just personally attacks people time and time and time again is absolutely appalling to me and I hope all the voters start to see through Donald Trump and the kind of candidate that he is and the kind of president he may end up being.”

“It’s nice to say, ‘I’m going to make America great again,’ but how are you going to do that? What laws are you going to pass? What bills are you going to pass? How are you going to work with Congress? What are you doing to do?” Reagan said.

Watch the NewsMax interview below.