A Koch-funded, conservative Latino advocacy group has spoken out against Republican presidential candidates who have taken aggressive stances against immigration, namely Donald Trump. The rhetoric, said the group, crosses the line and goes against the country’s best interest.

The LIBRE Initiative denounced Republican candidates who support mass deportation and want to end birthright citizenship. Daniel Garza, executive director of the LIBRE Initiative, all but lashed out against such candidates and criticized such outlandish policies.

“Such proposals are not in line with our principles and are not in the best interest of the country,” said Garza in an open letter. Aggressive policies like repealing the 14th Amendment and engaging in mass deportation would “unduly intrude” on law-abiding Americans, he added.

“If you’re somebody who’s proposing bad policies, we’re going to call you out,” said later in an NPR interview. “Period, without regard to political consequences, what the political winds are. We are going to stand on sound ideas and sound policy.”

The LIBRE Initiative is a Koch-funded conservative group, which is remarkable because the largest political money network is essentially taking on the largest political candidate, Donald Trump. What’s more, we actually agree with this group. Aggressive immigration policies, that Trump supports, would inevitably have a dangerous impact on the American economy.

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