In yesterday’s Real Time will Bill Maher Blog, Mayer had the following to say about the differences between Democrat and Republican political donations:

Stop saying, “Both sides are in the pockets of big business.” This just isn’t true anymore, if it ever was. Follow the industry money: Republicans get 95 percent of oil industry contributions; 93 percent of mining; 72 percent of commercial banks; 71 percent of crop producers like Monsanto; 63 percent of defense contractors; 62 percent of Wall Street security traders and investors; and 57 percent from health services.

Even the general industry that Hollywood falls under, the “Communications/Electronics” industry, has given more money to Republicans so far this year. Although that should tip back during the general election.

Wall Street and health groups used to give more money to Democrats, before they started tinkering with their boondoggles. Now they’re more on the red team.

What Democrats have left are lawyers, labor, grassroots groups, and individual liberal donors. In one way this is great, because it frees them up to be more populist in their appeals. On the other, it sucks, because big business is always going to have bigger money.