After years of battling with other Republican lawmakers to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, and after having the Confederate Flag removed from the Capitol, Republican Governor Robert Bentley is now the target of an investigation over whether he misused public funds.

According to, some of Bentley’s fellow-Republican congressmen have asked the state’s attorney general to investigate whether his use of state resources was inappropriate. They are claiming they have been hearing rumors of a marital affair, and misuse of state funds surrounding the affair, including improper overtime payments to state troopers and using the state aircraft for personal trips.

Alabama Representative Ed Henry stated the controversy “is bad for our image. . . . Our governor seems to be caught up in something. The rumor mill has been kicking around for a year or better. To me it plays poorly in our state.”

Give us a break. This investigation in no way is about a rumored marital affair, and the potential misuse of  funds. The GOP would never seek to investigate and impeach a sitting Republican Governor they liked based on rumors. This is solely about the fact that the GOP hates this specific Governor because he keeps demanding that taxes be raised in Alabama in order to provide proper services, and he removed their beloved Confederate Flag. This is treason to the GOP. They want him out.

But don’t worry, the Alabama GOP representatives are asking for their constituents to recognize that God will solve this for the GOP. “Upon hearing the recent news and speculation concerning our governor, I experienced a variety of emotions: Shock.  Disbelief.  Sadness.  Anger. Empathy. Betrayal,” GOP Rep. Danny Garrett wrote. “My heart aches for the many people whose lives have been forever changed because of poor choices, deception and moral failures.  As a believer, I pray for God’s mercy, healing and grace for everyone that has been affected.”

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