Kim Davis isn’t alone in denying marriage rights to same-sex couples. Elsewhere in the state, two other county clerks are also refusing to issue the licenses. Only Kim Davis, though, has received national attention and served jail time.

According to NBC News:

Whitley County clerk Kay Schwartz told NBC News her office is granting licenses for heterosexual couples, but not those of same sex. In fact, she said, no gay and lesbian couples have bothered to ask.

Casey County clerk Casey Davis isn’t issuing any marriage licenses at all – similar to the approach taken by Kim Davis (no relation) before she was jailed. He has crossed the state on a bicycle as a show of support for Kim Davis, but that stunt arguably drew more attention than his refusal to give licenses to same-sex couples.

Neither Schwartz nor Davis have faced legal opposition to their refusal to issue licenses. Casey Davis acknowledged that he could be sued.

“I imagine it’s possible, I know that there is a very real possibility, and if it comes, we’ll deal with that when it comes,” he told NBC.