According to a new poll, most Republican voters in South Carolina want a president that doesn’t have any prior political experience meaning Sen. Lindsey Graham is out for them, reported The State. That desire leaves only Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Carly Fiorina.  

The Public Policy Polling found that Donald Trump would win 37 percent of Republican voters in South Carolina with Ben Carson trailing at 21 percent. With the exception of Carson, Trump polled vastly better in a one-on-one match up against the other GOP candidates. The presidential picture for Graham in his home-state looks abysmal.

The poll found that four out of five South Carolina Republican primary voters said that Graham should drop out of the race. What’s worse for Graham, his approval rating as a senator has fallen from 54 percent to 36 percent since February. 

“What you’re seeing to some extent in South Carolina and nationally is Donald Trump and Ben Carson are sucking all the wind of out the air,” said Tom Jensen, Public Policy Polling’s director. Regarding Graham, Jensen added that “it’s pretty remarkable to have folks that unified around the idea of Lindsey Graham dropping out.”

The Republican presidential landscape is becoming darker and grimmer. Some pollsters are saying that Trump has a legitimate chance at becoming president, or at least winning the GOP nominination.