An Arizona citizen accidentally shot and killed himself while trying to demonstrate the double-safety feature on a new handgun, reported the Phoenix New Times.

Christen Reece, 23, of Phoenix, was partying with several friends when he decided, while drunk, to show off his pistol and the double-safety feature of the weapon. “He held the gun up to his head, a little behind the temple area, and fired,” said chief deputy Jim Molesa of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office.

“He immediately dropped to the ground, and his acquaintances started freaking out, not sure what to do,” added Molesa.

Reece was taken to the nearby Heber-Overgaard fire station since the nearest hospital was 40 miles away in Show Low, Arizona. However, the wound was too severe for paramedics at the fire station to handle, and Reece was airlifted to Scottsdale Osborn hospital.

“The main thing any teacher of a gun-safety class wants students to walk away is that you should treat every gun as if it’s loaded and never point it at yourself or anyone else,” said Molesa.