Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is making contribution calls to American citizens living in China, reported the Financial Times.

Bush plans on hosting a fundraising event in Hong Kong via video conference in which he will charge each guest $2,700 to attend. The event is expected to have 40 guests, raising as much as $100,000 from Americans in China. Such an endeavor is nothing new, Mitt Romney raised $2 million by reaching out to voters in Asia during his 2012 campaign.

Although Bush is trailing rival Donald Trump in the polls, he leads the other candidates in fundraising, getting $114 million in contributions by the end of June.

Republicans Overseas, a fundraising group aimed at rallying GOP support from Americans living abroad, is hosting the event. According to the group’s global president, Michael DeSombre, there are 8.7 million potential voters overseas.

“If they were a state, they would be the 13th biggest by population, but historically they have not had a voice because many do not vote,” he said.

Despite being overseas, each of these voters are still bound by American laws regarding tax demands and voting.

Campaign finance greed isn’t contained by American borders, after all.