Vance Day, the Oregon district judge who vowed to deny marriage rights to same sex couples, is facing an investigation into whether or not he hung a picture of Hitler in the Salem courthouse, reported Reuters.

The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability is conducting an ethics investigation into Day, which partly relates to his refusal to marry same-sex couples. The strangest part of the investigation regards the accusations that he hung a picture of Hitler in the Marion County courthouse.

Those in Day’s camp say the judge hung the picture in order to honor World War II veterans, not glorify Hitler. “We went to war against Hitler,” said spokesperson Patrick Korten. “His picture was there. It was not admiringly. It was him as the epitome of the enemy that we went to fight against.”

That’s a really strange way to honor American veterans. Usually, people hang an American flag or a picture of a famed military official from the country’s history like Patton or Eisenhower. Hanging a picture of Hitler is weird and suspicious. Considering that Day is an anti-gay bigot, it’s reasonable to assume that he could be a Hitler sympathizer.

As of now, it’s tough to tell for sure.