It is well known that the role of corporate media has been marginalized greatly over the past decade with the rise of social media. Their ratings and viewership are way down, as well as the objectivity of their content. To stay in existence, they have developed a business model whereby they cater to a niche market, and simply feed them what they want to hear.

This actually is not totally different from social media. The big difference, however, is that the audience of social media has the ability to quickly scan multiple web sites for different opinions, and also has the ability to perform independent research to verify statements. The social media audience is much more engaged in the process, and much more informed. Interestingly, there have been several studies that show that Fox News viewers are actually less informed of current events than if they had not watched the programming at all.

For some reason Corporate Media has made the current presidential election their unified battleground. Specifically, they have decided to test their relevancy by seeing if they can rig this presidential election to be Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. They are providing each of these candidates non-stop free publicity, and even publicizing flawed polling, as Ring of Fire reported today in the story SurveyUSA shows Trump Winning the Presidency: ROF Explains Why this and all polling is now Hogwash.

For Corporate Media this is not about Trump and Clinton, it is instead about proving their relevancy to their advertisers. Ring of Fire predicts that Corporate Media has badly misjudged their importance and relevancy, and that this presidential election is the wrong high profile battle for them to make their stand. If the election does not come down to Trump and Clinton, then this will highlight Corporate Media’s ultimate demise.

The question that will be answered come November 2016 is whether social media is as strong as Ring of Fire believes it is. Will social media get the word out to those persons who are actually engaged in the process, and build the momentum necessary to get informed voters out to vote for persons other than Trump and Clinton?

To The Ring of Fire audience, it is well known that we support Bernie Sanders. We don’t hide this.  We are promoting him because we believe he represents the right direction for this country. We receive no marketing dollars from anyone. We don’t accept donations.  We are totally self-funded. We have no connection with Bernie Sander. We simply are calling it like we see it.

However, we support all social media to get the word out for the candidates they believe best; whether it’s Clinton, Trump, Walker, Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Perry, Fiorina, Kasich, etc. The important thing is to become informed and not to rely on a single source, and especially one whose existence depends on money from those running for office.

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