Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots, the biggest, filthiest, most despicable liars in the National Football League, and he’s a Donald Trump supporter. Considering that Brady and the Patriots are emblematic of everything wrong with professional football and, by extension, America, this comes as no surprise.

A writer with Barstool Sports tweeted a picture of Brady’s locker at Gillette Stadium. It contained standard locker stuff: towels, deodorant, mouthwash, lotion. But there’s something evil and harrowing in that locker. It’s a bright red “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hat.

Could this be a joke? Does Brady have an ironic sense of humor? It’s worse than we thought. “It’s well documented that Mr. Trump and Tom have a great friendship and have for many years,” said a Trump spokesperson. Early on Tuesday, Brady confirmed possession of the hat and said Trump has done “amazing” things.

Brady and Trump being best friends makes too much sense. They’re two peas in a lying, deceptive pod. Trump is a cardboard television persona, and Brady is part of the most dishonest NFL franchise in sports history. Seriously. ESPN just published an impressive, scathing article about the Patriots’ lying and cheating ways.