The right of same-sex marriage is a simple no-brainer, it should be allowed. However, Kim Davis’ refusal to marry same-sex couples is emblematic of the small-minded nature of many like her, reported Politicus USA.

Officials on all levels of government across the country are still fighting against the right of same-sex marriage. Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is one of the biggest opposers of same-sex marriage. He ordered all judges in Alabama to ignore the Supreme Court’s order and refuse marriage rights to same-sex couples.

North Carolina is committing the same sort of political insurrection against the U.S. Supreme Court. According to Politicus USA:

North Carolina’s Senate reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling back in June with Senate Bill 2, This law protects 32 magistrates at the expense of the taxpayers they were hired to serve.

Under the law, every county magistrate’s office must offer weddings at least 10 hours a week over at least three days. There must be someone available to issue marriage licenses at Register of deeds offices whenever those offices are open. However, they don’t have to post a notice listing when weddings are available.

More recently, Oregon Judge Vance Day announced that he will refuse marriage rights to same-sex couples and even ordered his own clerks to refer same-sex couples to other judges. That is outright defiance of the High Court’s ruling.

Davis isn’t the only small-minded bigot that holds an elected office. Judges and politicians who oppose are looking for ways to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples. It’s a losing battle, though. Same-sex marriage is here to stay.