In his Labor Day speech today, President Obama provided a very compelling analogy. He stated that if the New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady needed a union to protect his job, then how could anyone expect the average person to not need union protection. “Even Brady’s happy he’s got a union! They had his back. So you know if Brady needs a union, we definitely need unions,” the president said.

Of course, a New York federal judge recently lifted a four-game suspension the NFL had imposed on Brady in response to a scandal over deflated footballs. The NFL Players Association is the union that fought to overturn the suspension.

Vice-President Joe Biden echoed this same point in a speech he made today. “You built the middle class. That’s not an exaggeration,” Biden said of unions. “And as you’ve declined, the middle class has declined, so there’s a simple correlation. Build labor, we build America. Build labor, we build the middle class.”

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