We think that Sarah Palin just may be the stupidest person in politics. She recently told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she’d “rather have a president who is tough and puts America first than can win a game of trivial pursuit.” What Palin was responding to was the fact that Trump could not answer several questions regarding current foreign policy issues and known terrorist groups, just as Palin could not once remember a single newspaper she reads.  To Sarah knowing about the politics and issues in other countries is “trivial”. All you need to know about is America, and protecting white, Christian, people, and especially rich men.  

The depressing thing here is that this is not hyperbole. She means it. She really rather have a barbaric numbskull in the White House, someone like Trump, than an intellectual mind with logic, reason, diplomacy, and the best interest of the entire country (present and future) at the center of all decisions.

Going after the presidency isn’t a mere pursuit, and it is definitely not trivial. Palin, we believe, is the single stupidest person in American politics. At least, Michele Bachmann knew when to quit.

What are your thoughts?

Watch our commentary on Sarah Palin’s stupidity: