In this must see and share video, a spoiled, racist, white, woman goes off on two restaurant cooks working in a small restaurant. She is furious that her kebab came with green peppers and not red peppers.

“You know what, like, I’m really glad you two can talk to each other in whatever language it is that you’re speaking, but it’s really rude, and if you want to be polite to the customer, then you speak English to the customer in America.”

“My kids don’t eat green things. They eat red peppers. You usually make it with green peppers. I ordered it with red peppers. . . . What are you going to do about it. I don’t have 15 minutes for you to not know English, not to get it right the first time. You get it right the first time. The customer is always right. That is how it works here. . . . This is America, and you get it right the first time.”

As she begins her grand exit, she yells:

“You get it right the first time”

“Get it right the first time”

“Get it right the first time”

“Get it right the first time”

Then with instant karma, she slams face first into the door.

Watch and then please share in order to show all racists and bigots they are being watched and taped, and will be exposed to the entire world.

Below are a few videos from The Young Turks, Thom Hartmann, and David Pakman all discussing the plague of White Privilege.