The fire that burned a Planned Parenthood building to the ground in Pullman, Washington has been ruled by authorities as arson, reported KHQ.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued a statement denouncing the act as “cowardly and reckless.” Authorities are still working to determine who is responsible.

Attorney General Ferguson stated:

Yesterday evening, the Pullman Fire Department issued a statement indicating that arson was the cause of the fire at the Planned Parenthood clinic there early yesterday morning.

My office is reaching out to local and federal law enforcement to offer our assistance in bringing the responsible parties to justice.

This act of violence has no place in a free society. I urge everyone to join me in condemning this cowardly, reckless and criminal act of intimidation and public endangerment.

Because the incident occurred during an intense national debate regarding reproductive rights, it’s highly likely that the arson was committed by an extreme right-wing Christian group. Within the last decade, right-wing domestic terrorists have wreaked havoc across the country and taken hundreds of lives.

Spokane, North Idaho News