Damon Wayans appeared on the radio show Breakfast Club, and made the below highly offensive statements in regard to the Bill Cosby situation. It’s truly beyond belief that anyone could think this, much less say it publicly.

“If I was him [Bill Cosby], I would divorce my wife, wink wink, give her all my money, and then I would go to a deposition, I’d light one of them three-hour cigars, I’d have me some wine, and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don’t believe he was raping. . . . I think he was in relationships with all of them, and then he’s like, ‘You know what, it’s 78, I can’t get it up for any of y’all, bye bitches,’ And now they’re like, ‘Oh, really? Rape.’ Forty years — listen, how big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?”

“But if you listen to them talk, they go, ‘Well, the first time.’ The first time?! Bitch, how many times did it happen? Just listen to what they’re saying.

“And some of them, really, is un-rape-able. I look at them and go, ‘No, he don’t want that. Get outta here!’”

“Look, I understand fame. I’ve lived it. Women will throw themselves at you. They just want to be in your presence. There’s some that innocently will come up there, but not 40-something women. They’re not that naïve. What, in 1965 he just walked into someone’s dressing room and put his penis inside their mouth?”

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