It was supposed to be the March on Washington yesterday. Not for blacks seeking civil rights or the end of police shootings of innocent people, but to show solidarity in support of the Confederate flag. At a minimum, it was estimated that 1,300 people would attend the event in front of the U.S. Capitol. At best 50 showed, and that was including reporters such as Alice Ollstein & Emily Atkin who covered the story for Think Progress. The anti-Confederate flag crowd greatly outweighed those supporting the flag.

“This Black Lives Matter bull is racism that the government don’t see. It’s white genocide propaganda. They’re pushing folks to shoot cops and white people,” said Ron Feathers from Elliston, Virginia. “If Robert E. Lee was alive today, this shit wouldn’t be going on. That’s when we had a true American in office,” Feathers added. He stated “colored people in general” have a “ghetto lifestyle.” “It’s because their daddies ain’t in the picture. All these kids are latchkey kids. They’re not being taught the right way. And they only do things in groups. They’ve got so much hatred.”

Ollstein and Atkin report that the crowd behind Feathers waved flags, let out “rebel yells,” and showed off their Confederate tattoos and belt buckles.

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