Dana Harris Jr. of Providence, Rhode Island was pulled over by a police officer right after leaving out of his driveway. The officer’s reason for the stop was because he didn’t like the air freshener hanging from Harris’ rearview mirror.

“You saw me come out of my driveway. What did I do wrong?” Harris said. “I have a cousin who’s been a Providence police officer for 23 years. What’s the problem? … I’m tired of this. I’m not a gangster. I’m not a thug.”

Harris’ remarks gave the impression that he’s been harassed by police officers many times before.

The officer motioned to Harris’ mirror and said “you can’t have this obstructing your view.”

Thankfully, the interaction never went far past what was said, and Harris wasn’t given a citation. However, this is more proof that “bored” cops sometimes target innocent citizens.