There is little in this world that’s more satisfying than Bill O’Reilly getting crushed by his own guests, which happened earlier this week. Former police officer and John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Peter Moskos and Carnegie Mellon University criminology professor Alfred Blumstein appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss Black Lives Matter.

O’Reilly tried to fix the narrative in his favor by saying that the Black Lives Matter movement prompted the shootings of several police officers in the month of August. Moskos quickly cut down O’Reilly’s inaccuracies.

O’Reilly: Dr. Peter Moskos, professor at John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, former police officer. Do you believe that the Black Lives Matter Crew and other radicals are igniting violence against cops?
Moskos: I think they are making the police job tougher. I think the police can handle that. It’s always been a tough job. But no, I don’t think… There’s not a result of cops getting killed from Black Lives Matter.
O’Reilly: Ok, so despite the provocative, “pigs in a blanket” and all of this business. And every time there is controversy about an officer shooting a black person they’re out there stirring the pot. You don’t feel like disturbed individuals watch this and act out.
Moskos: There are fewer cops shot this year than last year. Are you willing to give Black Lives Matter credit for that? Cops shootings are down.
O’Reilly: I know they are down. Slightly.
Moskos: Seventeen percent.
O’Reilly: But in August they are up.
Moskos: August was a bad month. In July there were none. Overall they are down. I don’t see an epidemic there.