As her third day as an inmate comes to an end, hundreds of supporters stood outside Kim Davis’s cell demanding justice on her behalf. As reported in detail by CBSNews, they held signs: “Kim Davis for President,” ”no to sodomite perversion” and “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

“More fear man, they don’t fear God,” Matthew Trewhella, a pastor from Wisconsin, preached from the stage. “She said that she was doing this under God’s authority. She is 1,000 percent correct. She is echoing what western man has said for over 1,500 years now. And that is that divine law trumps human laws.”

A man carried a gigantic sign: “Judge Bunning is an abomination . . . Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent — the Lord detests them both.”

Evangelist Randy Smith yelled for the judge to “get saved and repent from his sin.”

Fliers distributed at the event read: “The wicked are trying to make an example of her but God can turn it around. . . . Pray that America repents of the sin of celebrating sexual perversion and imprisoning Christian dissidents.”

As Ring of Fire has stated several times in regard to this issue, we predict that it eventually will be discovered that Davis is a puppet being manipulated by the current GOP political circus.  Once the show is over, it will be Davis left forgotten and with nothing. It’s not about Davis, it’s about the religious right and GOP personal power struggles, and they found an easy prey in Davis.