Two Minnesota state lawmakers, both Republicans, were issued a “public nuisance” citation when a police officer caught them making out inside of a car, reported Addicting Info. The lawmakers are disputing the citation and say the officer lied in his report.

Minnesota state Rep. Tim Kelly (R) and Rep. Tara Mack (R) are lawmakers who sell themselves as “family values” conservatives. They were caught by a Dakota County officer making out in a car. Mack’s pants were reportedly “unzipped and pulled down” according to the citation report. Kelly and Mack are both married to other people.

Fearful that their reputations will be damaged, Kelly and Mack are fighting the accusations and are trying to brand the officer as a liar. Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie came to the officer’s defense, saying that he was unaware that the two people were state lawmakers.

“Absolutely these are the facts; he has no reason to lie,” said Leslie. “He doesn’t know who these people are. They didn’t identify themselves as legislators.”

This is the second account in several weeks of Republican “family values” lawmakers getting caught having affairs. Last month, in Michigan, two Tea Party state lawmakers created a gay love affair hoax to hide an affair. Although Kelly’s and Mack’s case is a little more tame, it still exposes the Republicans as hopeless hypocrites.  

Below are the citations: