An Oregon circuit court judge in Marion County has refused to marry same-sex couples, citing a violation of his First Amendment rights, reported the Huffington Post. Perhaps he can join the likes of Kim Davis and get thrown in jail for violating the law.

Judge Vance Day of Oregon’s 3rd Judicial District has refused to marry same-sex couples and is now refusing to marry any couples at all. Citing his religious beliefs, Day says being forced to marry same-sex couples violates his First Amendment rights. He’s also ordered his clerks to refer same-sex couples to other judges.

Judge Day’s spokesperson, Patrick Korten, said that the Oregon Commission of Judicial Fitness and Disability is investigating the judge. The investigation is reportedly connected to a 13-point complaint filed against Day, which is partly related to his refusal to marry same-sex couples.

Day and Davis are using religion and the First Amendment to abuse their respective elected offices. As many have said already, their job as elected officials is to uphold and follow the law, not cherry-pick the laws they feel like following.